Celebrate 60 Years of the Chevy Corvette

August 21st, 2012 by

Chevrolet of Homewood is Illinois’ Source for the Fastest Chevy Vehicles

We know that the family-style sedans and SUVs are getting all the attention these days, but those gearheads looking for something fast and fun will be pleased to hear that at Chevrolet of Homewood, we’ve got a great lineup of Chevy Corvettes available for Cook County drivers! Chevy has built a solid legacy of capable, athletic muscle cars, and we’re proud to help celebrate the Corvette’s 60th anniversary with the special edition 2013 Corvette 427 Collectors Edition! The result of a tradition combining with the most cutting-edge technology, the 427 Corvette is the fastest, most capable Corvette convertible ever conceived.

The 2013 Corvette 427 Carries the 60-Year Spirit of Chevy’s Premier Muscle Car

2013 Chevrolet Corvette

Over the past six decades, the Corvette has remained a centerpiece of American sport convertibles by offering flair and power in a stylish package; however, there’s never been a Corvette like the 2013 427 60th Anniversary Edition. For the first time since its beginning with the C1 and C2 Corvette models of the ‘50s and ‘60s, the 427 features a 7.0L (427ci) aluminum-block V8 engine in the new SFI LS7—GM’s most powerful engine yet. Capable of 505 hp, 470 lb-ft of torque, and a 0–60 mph time in a jaw-dropping 3.8 seconds, the 60th Anniversary Edition excels beyond anything Chevy has ever made.

While the brute force under the hood is an exciting callback to the heydays of ‘60s, everything else showcases Chevrolet’s state-of-the-art advancements in automotive engineering. Outfitted with a vast array of carbon fiber elements, the new 427 maintains the Corvette’s iconic muscular body, while still being lighter and more aerodynamic than ever. With Magneto–rheological shock absorbing technology, the 427’s Magnetic Selective Ride Control allows the vehicle to adjust to changes in road conditions over 1000-times per second, giving you a smooth, responsive, and lightning fast ride.

Schedule to Test Drive a Corvette at Chevrolet of Homewood

It’s not everyday that people will let you take a Corvette for a spin around the block—but here at Chevrolet of Homewood, if you’re serious about upgrading to the meanest Corvette ever built, you can schedule to take the 2013 427 for a test drive! This is the sort of vehicle you see only once every sixty years, so stop in to Chevrolet of Homewood today!

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