Car Noises That You Need to Pay Attention To

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Maintaining a car can be a difficult proposition. From brake problems to loose belts and hoses, there’s any number of things that can go wrong. However, vehicles will usually make some sort of noise before the issue becomes critical. Read on to find out what several common noises can indicate, and when you’re ready to bring your car in for maintenance, choose the experts at Chevrolet of Homewood.

Common Noises That Could Indicate a Problem

Let’s take a look at a few noises you might encounter:

  • Wheel Rattling – If you hear a sound that resembles a coin in a clothes dryer, a lug nut could have come loose in your hubcap. If that’s the case, the noise will stop when the car does.
  • Squealing, Growling, or Grinding Brakes – This noise likely indicates that your brake pads are worn out. Metal on metal makes an ugly noise, so head to a certified repair center immediately.
  • Clicking While Turning – If your car makes a popping or clicking noise when you turn, it could be a joint in the vehicle’s front axle.
  • Squeaking During Acceleration – For rear-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles, this noise can indicate that a driveshaft part needs replaced.
  • Whining or Howling – This sound will usually indicate a problem with your bearings. If the sound differs when you turn and you have a front-wheel drive vehicle, the front-wheel bearings are likely the problem. If a steady, increasing howl occurs, it’s likely an issue with the rear-wheel bearings.
  • Engine Clunk – When you hear a tapping, banging, or clunking under the hood, it’s critical that you head to a reputable service center right away. It might be an issue with your rods or pistons.
  • Squealing in the Engine Compartment – This is likely a belt issue, although it could be any of the belts that power several systems. Get in touch with a service expert to see which belt needs replaced.

Explore Your Service Options

The expert service center at Chevrolet of Homewood is happy to help you figure out what your car noise indicates. We can handle anything from basic inspections to completely overhauling your car’s suspension system. Visit our service center at 18033 Halsted St in Homewood, IL, just a short drive from Calumet City. You can even schedule service online to make the process even more convenient.

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