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2016 Chevy Corvette  BLUE
The 2017 Chevy Corvette comes ready to hit the track or the streets, but for those discerning drivers out there who plan to pilot a new Stingray or Z06, there are also some options to for customization. Here at Chevrolet of Homewood, we always stock the right General Motors accessories and parts to upgrade your Corvette, whether it’s brand new, or a few years old. Find out more about what’s offered for the Corvette here.

Corvette Accessories

You can enhance the looks and performance of your Corvette with accessories and parts, and you can also add on features to help protect and preserve your vehicle in the long run. Here are a just a few of the favorites we have for your Corvette at Chevrolet of Homewood:

  • Emblems and Decals: Want racing stripes? Some distinctive Corvette Stingray emblems? You can have it all to customize your Corvette’s look.
  • Spoiler: Upgrade the look and feel of your Corvette with a Z06-Style Spoiler Kit that adds pronounced gurney-style flaps. It’s available in paint matched colors or unique carbon fiber appearance.
  • Performance Brake Ducts: Add high performance braking with these ducts that aid cooling and combat brake fade.
  • Vehicle Cover and Lock: If you’re forced to park your Corvette outside, consider protecting it with a vehicle cover, and a lock package, so nobody can damage your vehicle’s finish.
  • Wheel Locks: Protect your premium wheels and tires with a set of wheel locks with unique key.
  • Ground Effects: If you’re looking to make your Corvette stand out even more, consider adding a Ground Effects package. The package includes a front splitter and rocker panels.
  • Cargo Mat: Protect the trunk area of your Corvette with this distinctive Corvette themed cargo mat.

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