Chevy Introduces Active Phone Cooling

August 28th, 2015 by

mm_gal_item_c2_3.img_resize.img_stage._3Here at Chevrolet of Homewood, your leading Calumet City area Chevy dealer, we’re looking forward to bringing you an exciting new feature that you didn’t know you needed: Active Phone Cooling. Chevy has been researching how smartphones work in cars and they found that overheating is a genuine problem that should be addressed. Now the new Impala and some other models will include a system that can help keep your phone cool—improving performance, charging, and longevity.

Chevy’s Active Phone Cooling System.

It’s no secret that the inside of cars can become very hot. A hot car isn’t just uncomfortable for you—it can be uncomfortable for your smartphone as well! If you’ve ever left your smartphone out in the sun on a hot day, you may have seen a warning on the screen that your phone is shutting down. This is because your phone is trying to save itself from damage due to excess heat. Even if your phone doesn’t get to this point in your hot car, the heat can have detrimental effects on your phone’s performance, and it can prevent your phone from charging properly.

Jeffrey Van Camp, of Digital Trends, says that, “Over time regular overheating can do permanent damage to the lithium ion batteries that power our smartphones. I always recommend keeping your phone in a cool, ventilated place, where it can stay at a comfortable room temperature, whether it’s charging or discharging.” That’s where the Active Phone Cooling feature comes in.

Active Phone Cooling isn’t exactly a high-tech system: it’s really just an air-conditioning vent aimed at your smartphone in a designated tray. But that little additional feature can help prevent damage to your phone and improve performance on those extra hot days this summer. While it might not be a big deal for some of you, if you use your phone for features like navigation, handsfree phone use, and app integration with your Chevy MyLink system, keeping your hardworking phone cool could be a big deal!

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