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September 13th, 2012 by

Frankfort, IL Drivers Can Count on Chevrolet of Homewood for Vehicle Maintenance


If you’re searching for a Chevy dealership near Frankfort, IL that can handle your vehicle repairs and auto service, Chevrolet of Homewood is the auto center for you. Our service facility is fully equipped to provide top-quality maintenance for your vehicle, whether you drive a Chevy or not — and with winter soon upon us, it’s the perfect time to bring your vehicle in for seasonal maintenance! It’s important to get your vehicle ready for Illinois’ harsh winters, and here at Chevrolet of Homewood we know how to prepare for December’s worst.

Get Your Vehicle Prepped for Winter

As hard as the winter is for Frankfort residents, it’s even harder on your vehicle. As any northern service center will tell you, the snow, salt, and plummeting temperatures of the winter season can wreak havoc on your engine systems — but with a little foresight you can save your vehicle a lot of damage, and yourself a lot of grief:

Check Your Antifreeze

While there’s no doubt that motor oil is the lifeblood of your engine, during the winter months, your radiator’s antifreeze takes center stage. A quick radiator flush and inspection for proper levels will make your vehicle much better protected from the cold.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Not as obvious as antifreeze, but when the sleet starts coming down in droves, you’ll be glad you have fresh, no-streak wipers to maintain visibility.

Prepare Your Tires

With muddy, slushy, snowy, wet, and salty roads on the horizon, a good set of tires is your best method of maintaining control of your vehicle during winter’s most inclement weather. And don’t forget to put more air in your tires — with the cold weather, you’re guaranteed to lose some pressure.

Schedule Your Next Service Appointment at Chevrolet of Homewood

Whether you’re ready to get your vehicle snow-proofed or you need serious auto repair and maintenance, Chevrolet of Homewood is the dealer most trusted by Frankfort residents. We’re only a quick 30-minute drive from the heart of Frankfort, and our GM-certified service technicians are here to help with any and all of your automotive issues, so schedule a service appointment and let us help you keep your vehicle running smoothly — no matter the season!

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