Chevy Vehicles that Shaped an Icon

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1954 Chevy Corvette

1954 Chevy Corvette

Chevrolet has 100 years of car-making under their belt, solidifying the brand in the heart of American culture. Their long history is full of vehicles that have grown and changed with the times, allowing a new generation to get behind the wheel. Chevrolet of Homewood invites you to check out some of the milestone vehicles that have stood out over the past century to help define Chevy as an American brand:

  1. 1914 Royal Mail Roadster – Just 2 short years after it was founded, Chevy introduced a vehicle that encompassed everything the brand had to offer in one vehicle. The Royal Mail Roadster was moderately priced at $750 and included a 4-cylinder engine, windshield, roof, and speedometer.
  2. 1932 Sport Roadster – Priced right at $445 during the Depression, this new and improved roadster featured a smoother ride than any previous vehicle with its 6-cylinder engine.
  3. 1936 Suburban – The steel-bodied ancestor of the modern SUV could carry up to 8 passengers and plenty of cargo.
  4. 1948 Pickup – Chevy reputation for truck power began with its use in WWII. After the war, the Advanced Design pickup truck was a staple for American farmers and tradesman who needed sturdy trucks to transport their goods.
  5. 1953 Corvette – You can’t talk Chevy without the Corvette. Production of the 1st American sports car began in 1953, with a small block V8 giving it the speed and vigor that would pave the way for the popular Corvette racing model designs over the next decades.
  6. 1963 Impala – A big sport coupe with big power, the original Impala housed 426 hp in its big block V8 engine. It looked good, drove fast, and was solidly built.
  7. 1969 Camaro – Even though this was the 2nd generation for the Camaro, it stands as one of the most collected Chevy models. With hotrod racing technology, the ’69 Camaro was as popular on the dragstrip for muscle car enthusiasts.
  8. 1976 C/10 Stepside Pickup – The stepside pickup was popular for nearly 5 decades in the Chevy truck lineup due to its easy access to the cargo bed.
  9. 2010 Tahoe Hybrid – As the era of the SUV was going strong, Chevy brought the Tahoe into the future with the incorporation of hybrid technology. The two-mode hybrid system was the first time a full-size SUV began to challenge the “gas-guzzling” reputation.
  10. 2011 Volt – Chevy’s first battery-powered vehicle was a hit throughout the automotive world when it came to fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness. The Volt’s battery can carry it for more than 300 miles.

Chevy has embedded itself into the patchwork of American culture for a century now, and their innovation in automotive technology will only continue to grow for another century. Become part of Chevy culture today when you visit Chevrolet of Homewood.

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