Conventional Motor Oil vs. Synthetic Lubricant

December 21st, 2016 by

Chevrolet of HomewoodTake a look at the oil section in your local auto parts store, or even at your regular gas station, and you might feel overwhelmed with choices. You’ve got a variety of viscosities to choose from, and you’ve also got to choose between synthetic and conventional. While it may come as a surprise to some drivers, not all engines use conventional “motor oil”—they use a synthetic lubricant that might be oil based, but is distinctly different from the conventional oils that used to be standard. So what’s the difference between synthetic and conventional?

Conventional vs. Synthetic Motor Oils

Here at Chevrolet of Homewood, we always recommend you follow the manufacturer’s recommendation when you perform any maintenance or service, and that applies to oil changes. Check out your owner’s manual when you need to purchase oil, or when you’re having someone else change the oil.

If you’re confused about why your automaker may be recommending synthetic or conventional oil, here’s what you need to know:

  • Source: Synthetic and conventional oils both usually start from the same crude oil pumped out of the ground. While conventional oils are relatively unchanged, a synthetic lubricant might be distilled, broken down, purified, or customized to provide a specific kind of performance and protection.
  • Conventional Characteristics: There’s nothing wrong with conventional motor oils, and some cars will come equipped with these traditional lubricants, and there’s no real reason to switch.
  • Synthetic Characteristics: Synthetic lubricants will generally offer more protection, keep your engine cleaner, and last longer between changes. They usually don’t need to be changed nearly as often. They can also offer some benefits in extreme conditions, like cold or hot climates.
  • Cost: Synthetic lubricants almost always cost more than conventional motor oil. This cost is usually cancelled out by the added longevity, and added time between service intervals, but it’s something to consider when you need to choose.

Do you need to have your vehicle’s oil changed? Whether you need conventional or synthetic, we’re happy to help here at Chevrolet of Homewood. You can schedule service online now.

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