Get to Know Your Car’s Radiator

February 23rd, 2017 by

Radiator Cap

Your car’s radiator is an essential component that keeps your car running at the right temperature. Without a radiator your engine with overheat almost immediately, making any trip very short. The radiator is also often misunderstood. If you’re looking to get to know your radiator a little better, the experts here at Chevrolet of Homewood are here to help.

The Radiator and Cooling System

Unlike a radiator you might have in your home, a radiator under the hood of your car is meant to help cool the car’s engine. A radiator in your home works the same, but the purpose is to warm a room. They work the same—they efficiently dissipate heat energy into their surroundings, but their goals are almost opposites.

Heat in a car is a byproduct of the internal combustion that drives the pistons in the engine, and the friction created by all the moving parts. This heat isn’t helping the engine—if the heat wasn’t managed efficiently and directed away from the engine the pistons might seize up, the engine might snap in two, or parts might melt. That’s why your car has a complicated cooling system!

Your exhaust system directs hot gas away from the engine, while the engine oil helps lubricate the engine and reduce friction. That’s not enough, though. Most cars today have a liquid cooling system. The radiator is an essential part of that cooling system. It holds water and coolant, which is circulated through hoses around the engine, where they collect heat. When the fluids come back to the radiator, it emits that heat into the environment away from the engine. Fans help cool the coolant and disperse that heat even more. This coolant is cycled through the engine and back to the radiator to help get rid of unwanted heat.

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