How Long do Brand New Tires Last?

November 10th, 2012 by

Changing tires or rimsAs a full-service car dealership near Olympia Fields, we do more than just sell cars at Chevrolet of Homewood. Our service center provides all kinds of services and is staffed by technicians knowledgeable about all things automotive. So it shouldn’t surprise you to find out that we know quite a bit about your car’s tires, especially from seeing all the ways that drivers don’t properly maintain them.

When you bought your tires, they had a mileage rating on them, but did you know that rating only applies when you treat your tires with the car they deserve?

How to Maximize the Lifetime of Your Tires

From the ’70s until now, tire technology has greatly improved. Back then, you were lucky to get 20,000 miles out of your tires, but these days, you can get tires that are capable of over 80,000 miles, if you treat them right.

There are tons of factors that can affect the performance and life of your tires, from temperature to regular driving conditions to the quality of the tire itself. You don’t have much control over some of these, but there are others that you can affect.

Getting regular tire rotations is one of the best ways to extend the life of your tires. If you never rotated your tires, one side of each tire would wear more than the others, and the front and back tires would also feature different wear patterns.

Another helpful tire maintenance tip to improve their livelihood is to always make sure they have the right air pressure. When winter months move in, the air molecules in your tires take up less space, meaning that they exert less pressure, so you’ll want to check them regularly in the winter.

These two simple auto services are some of the best ways to make sure that you get the most out of the life of your tires, so schedule your next tire rotation with us.

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