How to Know if Your Car has an Exhaust Leak

February 10th, 2017 by

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Is your car having exhaust problems? If you think it might have an exhaust issue, don’t delay; exhaust problems can be extremely dangerous, especially during the winter. When there’s an issue with your exhaust, poisonous gasses can seep into the cabin, putting you and your family at serious risk. If you think there’s any chance your exhaust system isn’t performing appropriately, you need to visit your local service center near Calumet City or Homewood. Check out the warning signs below so you can spot exhaust problems before they become dangerous.

How to Diagnose or Exhaust Problems

Luckily, these signs can warn you about potentially fatal exhaust problems:

  • Popping or Hissing Noises: If you hear hissing or popping while the engine is running, you should be worried. If, in addition to these out of character noises, you also spot burned or discolored paint near the exhaust ports or cylinder head, then you should certainly come have your vehicle checked out. A high-pitched whistle at the tail pipe could be caused by a restriction that needs to be removed ASAP.

  • Small Leaks: Sometimes you can find exhaust leaks by yourself. You can check the exhaust system over carefully with the engine running. Start at the engine and follow the exhaust system all the way to the tail pipe and feel for any exhaust escaping.

  • Vibration: If you feel vibrations or loss of power when you’re operating your vehicle, you should have your exhaust system checked out. It could be caused by a rusty exhaust system.

  • Fuel Economy: Reduced fuel economy can be a sign that you’re having issues with your exhaust system. If you notice that you lack the gas mileage you’re used to, or if your car is missing some high-speed power that it used to offer, you could be having exhaust issues. When there’s an exhaust leak, your car needs to work harder to do the same work, causing reduced performance and efficiency.

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