How to Make Your Car Have the Smallest Impact

October 31st, 2012 by

Chevrolet of Homewood

At Chevrolet of Homewood, we care about getting our customers the best deal. Our inventories of used and new vehicles are certain to have the perfect car you looking for. Looking to be more “green”? We have various models that are engineered specifically to help improve fuel economy. However, they way you drive also effects how much gas you’re guzzling. We want to provide drivers with some driving tips to increase fuel efficiency.

5 Tips to Driving Green

A great tip to saving gas is to drive a more fuel efficient vehicle, but if that’s not realistic right now, try out these 5 tips:

1) Decrease the weight in your car, increase your fuel efficiency. According to EPA, every 100 pounds equals losing 2 percent in fuel economy. So clean out that trunk and put away the bike rack during those winter months.

2) Let’s face it, your tires can be overlooked. But the EPA estimates that by having the correct air pressure in your tires, the vehicle’s fuel efficiency is increased by 3 percent.

3) For those speed demons out there, beware. The EPA states that fast driving, accelerating, and hard braking can lower fuel efficiency by 33 percent. That’s because when you do those three things, your car has to fight inertia, which takes a lot of energy.

4) Car pooling is a great resource to save gas. By not using your car half the time, you save half the gas. It’s a great alternative for co-workers who live en route from one another.

5) For urbanites, car sharing may be the solution for you. Places like Zipcar have great service for a monthly fee, cheaper than a car payment and available cars are found in all areas of a city.

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