Knowing Your Engine’s Cooling System

October 27th, 2016 by

Your car’s cooling system literally helps your vehicle keep running. Without a cooling system, a combustion engine would rapidly overheat. That’s why maintaining your car’s cooling system is essential. Here at Chevrolet of Homewood we’re happy to help with all your cooling system maintenance. If you’re curious what you need to do to keep your cooling system in good shape then read on!

The Ins and Outs of Your Cooling System

Radiator CapYou may know that your car’s cooling system includes components like your radiator, but it’s much more complicated than that. Essentially all modern vehicles are liquid cooled and manage heat by using coolant that’s pumped through hoses throughout the engine and other components in order to move heat to the radiator, where it can be dispersed safely. That’s how your engine avoids overheating, so if any of the components—the hoses, water pump, fans, or thermostat—are damaged it can cause major problems.

The best thing to do to maintain your car’s cooling system is to check your owner’s manual, and follow it to a T. That way you give your vehicle what’s required to keep it running.

Usually, your cooling system maintenance includes the following:

  • Cooling system components should be visually inspected regularly
  • A radiator pressure cap test should be conducted
  • A thermostat check should be done to ensure proper functioning
  • A pressure test can help identify leaks
  • An internal leak test is able to check for combustion gas seeping into the cooling system
  • A cooling fan test can help catch any other cooling problems

Here at Chevrolet of Homewood we can do all of that in a jiffy if you stop by our service center or schedule a service appointment online now! We’re happy to help make sure your cooling system is working like it should, so you can depend on your car’s performance and reliability for years to come.

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