How to Get Ready for Winter Driving

October 11th, 2012 by

Winter is coming, and the decision to follow simple seasonal safety advice could mean life or death for certain drivers. Prevention is always better than dealing with an accident after it has already occurred. That’s why the certified professionals at Chevrolet of Homewood’s car dealership near Midlothian, Illinois kindly suggest the following tips to the safest winter driving. These techniques help drivers avoid possible emergencies and economize your commutes, making your trips to and from work or school more convenient in general.

Make the Necessary Preparations in Advance

Preparing for winter driving is all about taking the necessary steps to fully equip yourself for any situation. Just use your imagination and try to remember what getting ready for last winter was like. Which items did you always keep in your backseat? How did you winterize your car? Which parts needed servicing? Taking the proper precautions is most key this time of year. Consider the following:

  • Excessive snowfall during blizzards can severely impair your visibility through the windshield. Ensure that windshield wipers function smoothly and properly before that first wave of snowfall hits. This can help you avoid potential visibility issues before they escalate into safety problems.
  • Make sure your windshield wiper cleaning fluid is at least half full every time you check it. Take a peek at your other fluid levels while you’re at it, such as antifreeze for your radiator, power steering fluid and engine oil.
  • Replace old and overused car batteries before temperatures drop. If you’re good beneath the hood, you can also remove it and bring it inside for the night to avoid having trouble starting your engine in the morning.
  • Defrost your windshield and passenger/driver’s side windows before you leave, especially if you live in a climate with harsh winters and sub-zero temperatures. Taking this additional five minutes to run the defrost on your dashboard is worth that crystal clear view you get out the front and back windshields of your car.
  • Keep a bag of finely ground salt in your trunk for your last-minute ice melting needs. A thin layer of salt poured on a thick layer of ice makes removing it much easier, as you don’t have to scrape quite as rigorously to get it off.
  • Avoid being locked out in the cold by covering your exterior door locks before you leave your car. This prevents them from freezing over.
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