Tips for Preparing for Your Exciting Road Trip

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Helpful Preparation Tips for a Road Trip From Chevrolet of Homewood

In the summer months, many people come to our dealership looking for a used Chevy near Tinley Park for their summer road trip. It’s always such a popular request that it got us thinking about some helpful tips on how to best prepare for your road trip.

Road Trip Tips!

Get your car serviced. Wouldn’t it be terrible for your car to break down out on the road? Before a big trip, it’s vital that you take your car in for service at Chevrolet of Homewood to change your oil and oil filter. We also recommend getting a tire rotation and alignment before taking a long trip, and we’ll of course check for any other potential issues and get you settled before you go.

Pack a survival kit. The first thing any road tripper should have is a first aid kit. Accidents could happen at any time, even when you’re taking a break from driving. Likewise, be prepared if you get stranded with non-perishable food and drinking water; you never know how long you’ll have to wait for a tow truck. People have flashlight apps on their phone these days, but you’ll appreciate having a real flashlight if you get stuck having to change a flat in the middle of the night. The light on your phone will also drain the battery very quickly, which isn’t so good if you have to call for help.

Bring a map and GPS system. Even if you want to “find your own way”, its best to bring along a map and a GPS just in case you run into trouble. There’s no point in wasting hours and getting frustrated when you’re trying to enjoy trip. GPS units can be a little fidgety, so that’s why it’s advisable to bring a map in the event the satellite cannot pickup your location.

Bring a phone charger. Turning off the phone is one of the pleasures of taking a vacation, but bring a phone charger for the car just in case. You’ll thank of us if you wind up in trouble.

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