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As an outstanding and full service Schererville, IN Chevrolet dealership, Chevrolet of Homewood is happy to provide customers with their choice of Schererville new Chevy for sale as well as parts and accessories. In fact, Chevrolet of Homewood has a wide selection of Chevy cars, even Schererville 2020 Chevys for sale. You will also find both Chevy cars and Chevy SUVs at our Schererville Chevy dealership. Plus we offer member benefits through our Smart Shopper Advantage program. No matter what, you can expect outstanding customer service at Chevrolet of Homewood. Our Schererville Chevy dealer has hundreds of Schererville Chevrolets for sale, including many Schererville 2020 Chevys for sale. The expert staff at Chevrolet of Homewood can answer your questions, and you can also depend on our certified mechanics. The Chevrolet of Homewood service department makes it easy to get work done on your Schererville Chevy car or Schererville Chevy SUV. Schedule a service appointment on our Schererville Chevy dealership website, or value a trade-in and browse for a Schererville new Chevy for sale that’s right for you! We have some of the very best Chevrolet cars and Chevrolet SUVs at our outstanding Schererville Chevrolet dealership.

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Schererville, IN, in Lake County, has a population around 29,000. It is an old community, founded around 1865 by Nicholas Scherer. Schererville is located at the intersection of highways 41 and 30, and isn’t far from I-90, I-94, I-65, I-80 and I-57. As such, Schererville’s slogan is “Crossroads of the Nation.” In 2007, Money Magazine named Schererville among the “100 Best Places to Live in the U.S.” Chevrolet of Homewood is located about 13 miles northwest of Schererville. We are a premier Schererville Chevrolet dealer providing exceptional specials on a large selection of Schererville Chevy cars and Schererville Chevy SUVs. Are you looking for a Schererville new Chevy for sale, perhaps a Schererville 2020 Chevy for sale? Chevrolet of Homewood has hundreds of Schererville Chevy cars at competitive prices.

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We’re an exceptional Schererville Chevy dealership that provides outstanding service as well as maintenance. Take advantage of our Schererville Chevrolet dealer specials on several Chevy cars and Chevy SUVs today! When you are looking for Schererville Chevy dealers, Chevrolet of Homewood is a great choice. Our Schererville Chevy dealership has an incredible team of helpful sales staff and knowledgeable technicians, so Schererville can rely on Chevrolet of Homewood. Call our Schererville Chevy dealer sales team at 708-801-0048 or visit us in Homewood, IL to learn more.

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Chevrolet of Homewood is a full service Schererville, IN Chevrolet dealership with highly trained mechanics and friendly sales staff. We are proud to provide incredible service in addition to beautiful Schererville Chevrolet cars and Schererville Chevrolet SUVs at our premier Schererville Chevy dealer. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a Schererville Chevy for sale, are interested in trading in a vehicle, or need maintenance or repairs on a Schererville Chevy car, Chevrolet of Homewood is a clear choice among all other Schererville Chevy dealers. Plus, if you’re considering purchasing or leasing a Schererville Chevy SUV or Schererville Chevy car, our Schererville Chevy dealership makes financing easy. The Chevrolet of Homewood finance department can answer any questions you have about buying a used or new Chevrolet for sale from our Schererville Chevy dealership. We offer an online application, affordable rates, trade-ins and numerous specials. So when you need a reliable Schererville Chevrolet dealership that will offer great prices and outstanding service for the length of your lease or ownership, visit Chevrolet of Homewood. Check out our user-friendly website or call us with questions today at 708-801-0048.

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