The New 2016 Chevy Malibu Will Debut in April

March 9th, 2015 by

Presentation of the new carThe new 2016 Chevy Malibu is slated for unveiling in April. The redesigned version of the sedan will also arrive here at Chevrolet of Homewood by the end of the year. You can read on to learn more about what we know about the new Malibu and what we expect to know when the new car debuts next month.

The Malibu Gets Redesigned

The Malibu was all new for the 2013 model year, and this new version will represent a rather rapid turn around on a redesign. The teaser shots that Chevy has unveiled show a swoopy fastback profile, with a subtle decklid spoiler. The headlights and tail lights both look to be redesigned, and a new shark fin style antenna sits at the back of the greenhouse. The new coupe looks sleek, sporty, and upscale, and it will no doubt steal buyers away from other top models in the midsize segment.

The new model will shed 300 pounds when compared to the previous model—that’s not an insignificant amount of weight. Since Chevy also aims to provide more feature content, year after year, that means that there will likely be more technology, despite the weight loss. That weight loss, and the aerodynamic engineering, will likely help the car provide improved performance and fuel economy than the outgoing models.

Few details have been released about the new Malibu, but Ed Wellburn of General Motors said that, “The roofline has been stretched rearward, giving a more sleek profile, while the front wheels have moved forward, and front and rear overhangs have been reduced.”

The new Malibu will be based on a modified version of the Epsilon platform used by the current model. The new platform will be called E2XX, and will roll out to many other General Motors models. The new platform uses high strength steel extensively to help improve stiffness, for safety and handling, and reduce weight, for improved fuel economy.

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