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Chevy Tire closeupTires might the single most important component of your car, because they are the only component of your vehicle that touches the ground. While your engine, transmission, and everything else makes the car happen, your car wouldn’t be anything without a set of tires. That’s why it makes sense to take good care of your tires. Here at Chevrolet of Homewood, we offer an extensive selection of new tires, and we want to help keep you safe, and keep your car running well, with these simple tire care tips!

Tire Care Tips

Tire care is relatively simple, but it’s something that you can’t miss. Neglect your tires and you might compromise the handling, performance, efficiency, and even safety of your vehicle. Think about it: without a good set of tires, how can your brakes work? How can your safety systems act effectively? Plus, a worn out or damaged tire is more prone to get a flat or blow out—which can be an extremely dangerous situation if you’re traveling at high speeds in heavy traffic!

Here are some key tips to remember when you’re taking care of your tires:

  • Regularly Inspect Your Tires: It’s not really that hard to do. Take a good hard look at your tires once in a while. Sometimes your tires can sustain damage to the tread or the sidewall that you don’t even notice. Spotting these problems early can prevent more serious problems down the road.
  • Check Your Tread: Your tread should be at least 1/4-inch deep. One handy, and easy way to check this is to insert a penny upside down into the tread. If it doesn’t go over Lincoln’s head then you need some new tires. Many tires also have wear indicators that make it easy to check.
  • Check Air Pressure: Your air pressure rating is usually listed in your owner’s manual, and usually inside the driver side door sill. Make sure that you periodically check your air pressure, especially when the seasons change.
  • Tire Rotation and Replacement: Tires need to be rotated regularly and replaced when worn out to preserve your vehicles performance, reliability, safety, and efficiency.

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