Tire Pressure Monitoring: How Does it Work?

September 27th, 2016 by

TiresHere at Chevrolet of Homewood, all of our new Chevy vehicles come standard with a tire pressure monitoring system. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration now requires all new cars to ship with a tire pressure monitoring system of some sort. Whether you are carrying air or nitrogen in your tires this important safety feature helps guarantee that your tires maintain the proper pressure to drive safely, and it will alert you when you get a flat. So how does a tire pressure monitoring system work?

What’s a Tire Pressure Monitoring System?

Your tire pressure monitoring system can tell you when your tires are low or flat. This system will alert you with a visual warning in the dashboard when your tires are 25% or more under the recommended PSI rating.

There are two different kinds of tire pressure monitoring systems available on today’s cars and they do their jobs differently:

  • Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring: This time of monitoring system works in tandem with the antilock brake system. In order to detect when a tire is flat, it measures individual wheel speed. If one wheel is moving slower than the others then it is most likely at a lower pressure. This system is generally simpler, and less expensive to install than a direct pressure monitoring system.
  • Direct Pressure Monitoring: With direct pressure monitoring, you’ve got a sensor in every wheel that actively detects the actual pressure in each tire. These are generally more accurate, but rely on battery power, and must be replaced roughly every ten years.

While both systems have their pros and cons, both provide an extremely valuable service. If your tire pressure monitoring light does turn on then all you have to do is refill all your tires to the recommended pressure.

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