What is a Limited Slip Differential?

June 8th, 2017 by

2017 Chevrolet Camaro

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New vehicles these days offer a remarkable amount of complex parts. From continuously variable transmissions to intricate suspension systems, it can be difficult to know everything about the features that your car is equipped with. Limited slip differentials are a versatile system that can provide better control and performance, but what exactly does it do? Find out in this guide from Chevrolet of Homewood.

It’s All About Traction

To understand what a limited slip differential does, let’s take a look at an open differential. This system transports power from the engine to the wheels. In an open differential, it applies torque equally to each wheel; and while that works well in good conditions, it can create problems in bad weather. If power is sent to a spinning wheel, that torque is wasted in trying to move the vehicle. Not only that, the torque in the wheel with traction can only equal the maximum torque of the spinning wheel. In the icy conditions you can find during Homewood and Calumet City winters, that’s a big problem.

Advantages of a Limited Slip Differential

When a vehicle with a limited slip differential detects wheel slip, it sends power to the wheels that aren’t spinning. That way, the torque is delivered to the wheels that can actually move the car. In most cases, limited slip differentials use a clutch or a fluid-filled housing to provide different power to different wheels. An electronic limited slip differential (eLSD) indicates that it is electronically controlled.

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