Premium or Regular: Which Gas is Right For Your Car?

September 8th, 2016 by

When you have to refuel, which kind of gas do you put in your car? It shouldn’t just be a matter of preference, or how rich you’re feeling on a given day. There are good reasons to choose one gas over another, depending mostly on your car. Find out more tips on how to choose the right gas from the our mechanics at Chevrolet of Homewood.

The Right Gas for Your Car

There are a few simple facts you should know when choosing the right gas to put in your tank:

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  • Check the manual or the sticker inside the fuel filler door. Use the gas your manufacturer recommends. The engineers that designed your vehicle know what will work best based on the engine under the hood.
  • Don’t put premium in a car that doesn’t require it. You’re not going to get more out of your car by putting premium into a vehicle that doesn’t require it. You won’t find higher performance, and your car won’t run more efficiently.
  • Don’t put regular in a car that needs premium. If your owner’s manual says you should use premium, there’s a reason. That reason is usually that your car uses a higher compression ratio, a turbocharger, or other technology that requires a higher-octane fuel.
  • Top tier fuel can help prevent maintenance costs. This kind of gas is the highest official designation from the EPA for cleanliness and it can help reduce build up in your car. This designation is separate from octane rating.
  • Premium and regular vary from state to state. You should know the octane rating your car recommends, and follow that, rather than the regular or premium designation, because these correspond to different octane ratings in different states.

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